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CR Order SC Subject Date
CR 2017-001 SC Codification of Administrative Orders in the Criminal Division 6/30/17
CR 2017-002 SC Bail Schedule for Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns & Volusia counties 6/30/17
CR 2019-003 SC Misdemeanor Payable Fish and Wildlife Offenses / Notices to Appear 1/10/19
CR 2017-004 SC Modification of Bonds by First Appearance Judges 6/30/17
CR 2017-005 SC Misdemeanor Payable Offenses / Notices to Appear 6/30/17
CR 2017-006 SC Criteria / Procedures for Notices to Appear Issued by Jail Personnel 6/30/17
CR 2017-007 SC Refunds of Surety / Cash Bonds 6/30/17
CR 2017-008 SC Application of Cash Deposits to Fines and Costs 6/30/17
CR 2017-009 VL First Appearances / Jail Arraignments / And Other Related Proceedings 6/30/17
CR 2017-010 VL Judicial Inquiry System – First Appearances 6/30/17
CR 2017-011 FG, PT, SJ Criminal Court Proceedings by Audio-Visual Device 6/30/17
CR 2017-012 SC Adoption of SA 7-07 Charging Affidavit 6/30/17
CR 2017-013 SC Processing of Arrest, Complaint and Notice to Appear Paperwork (Adult) 6/30/17
CR 2017-014 VL Blind Filing of Non-Indictment Felony Cases 6/30/17
CR 2017-015 VL Blind Filing of Felony Indictments 6/30/17
CR 2017-016 SC Companion Infractions to Criminal Charges 6/30/17
CR 2017-017 VL Extradition Information on Warrants / Capiases 6/30/17
CR 2017-018 SC Correction of Scriveners’ Errors on Warrants 6/30/17
CR 2017-019 SC Expiration Dates for Misdemeanor Warrants 6/30/17
CR 2017-020 SC Dismissal of Misdemeanor Cases 6/30/17
CR 2017-021 SC Blanket Notice to Participate in Discovery 6/30/17
CR 2017-022 SC Limits on Interviews of Underage or Intellectually Disabled Victims of Abuse 6/30/17
CR 2017-023 SC Convening of Grand Juries 6/30/17
CR 2017-024 SC Setting General Priorities for Disbursement of Restitution, Court Costs, Fines and Fees 6/30/17
CR 2017-025 SC Dishonored Payments to Fine and Forfeiture Fund 6/30/17
CR 2017-026 SC Unclaimed Restitution Collected by Probation Supervision Entities 6/30/17
CR 2018-027 SC Cost of Supervision Fee for Misdemeanor Probation 5/8/18
CR 2017-028 SC Cost of Supervision Fee for Felony Probation 6/30/17
CR 2017-029 SC Scheduling of Felony Violation of Probation / Community Control Cases 6/30/17
CR 2020-030 SC Criminal (Felony) Alternative VOP Sanctions Program 1/22/20
CR 2017-031 SC Notification of Technical Violations of Probation by Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole 6/30/17
CR 2017-032 SC Approved Offender Leave and Furlough for Community Controllees in Inpatient Treatment 6/30/17
CR 2017-033 SC Confiscation and Disposal of Wildlife, Freshwater and Saltwater Products Evidence 6/30/17
CR 2017-034 SC Forfeiture of Illegal Seines, Nets, Traps or Other Fishing Devices / Equipment 6/30/17
CR 2017-035 SC Impoundment / Immobilization of Vehicles and Vessels 6/30/17
CR 2017-036 FG Flagler County Adult Drug Court 6/30/17
CR 2017-037 PT Putnam County Adult Drug Court 6/30/17
CR 2017-038 SJ St. Johns County Adult Drug Court 6/30/17
CR 2017-039 VL Volusia County Adult Drug Court 6/30/17
CR 2017-040 VL Volusia County Misdemeanor DUI Court 6/30/17
CR 2021-041 PT, SJ St. Johns & Putnam County Veterans Treatment Court 4/01/21
CR 2017-042 SC Determination of Indigence in Felony, Misdemeanor and Juvenile Delinquency Cases 6/30/17
CR 2017-043 SC Rates of Compensation for Court-Appointed Attorneys 6/30/17
CR 2017-044 SC Indigent for Costs Determinations 6/30/17
CR 2017-045 SC Limited Disclosure of Sealed or Expunged Criminal Records 6/30/17
CR 2017-046 SC Recording of Judgments in Criminal Cases 6/30/17
CR 2018-048 VL First Appearance Docket 10/6/18