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FM Order SC Subject Date
FM 2002-001 SC Codification of Administrative Orders in the Circuit Family Division 7/15/02
FM 2007-002 SC Family Law Division 6/7/07
FM 2021-003 VL Establishing Western and Eastern Family Divisions of the Circuit Court 8/12/21
FM 2021-004 SC Appointment of Administrative Family Law Judge 2/15/21
FM 2003-005 SC Appointment of Family Law Advisory Group 10/30/03
FM 2004-006 SC Motions to Compel Discovery in Family Law Actions 3/29/04
FM 2009-007 SC Procedures for Indigency Determination in Certain Family Cases in Circuit Court 7/21/09
FM 2015-008 SC Family Self-Help Program 8/27/15
FM 2018-009 SC Unified Family Courts 8/2/18
FM 2002-010 SC Approval of Local Family Law Forms 7/15/02
FM 2002-011 SC Injunction for Protection Forms 7/15/02
FM 2002-012 SC Cross Assignment/Injunctions for Protection 7/15/02
FM 2010-013 VL Procedure for Issuance of Emergency Injunctions for Protection Against Domestic Violence 1/28/10
FM 2010-014 SC Service of Injunctions for Protection 1/28/10
FM 2004-015 (A) SC Assignment of Injunctions for Protection/Domestic Relations/Juvenile Dependencies 8/05/04
FM 2013-016 SC Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course in Family Law Cases 9/25/13
FM 2005-017 SC Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course Providers 6/30/05
FM 2015-018 SJ Child Education Course in Dissolution Cases 4/2/15
FM 2002-019 SC Supervised Visitation Programs 7/15/02
FM 2012-020 SC Child Support Enforcement Hearing Officers 8/1/12
FM 2012-021 SC General Magistrates 8/1/12
FM 2004-022 SC General Magistrates' Reports 10/14/04
FM 2004-023 SC Electronic Reporting of General Magistrates and Child Support Enforcement Hearings 10/14/04
FM 2006-024 SC Support Information Sheets 4/21/06
FM 2002-025 SC Child Support and Purge Payments 7/15/02
FM 2002-026 SC Restitution Payments by Clerks of Court in Juvenile Cases 7/15/02
FM 2012-027 SC Family Mediation 1/9/12
FM 2002-028 VL Electronic Access to School Information 7/15/02
FM 2014-029 SC Post-Incarceration Child Support Reviews 1/9/14
FM 2015-030 SC Batterers' Intervention Program Providers 4/27/15
FM 2015-031 SC Distribution of Shelter Petitions 5/27/15
FM 2018-032 VL East-Volusia Unified Family Court 8/2/18
FM 2002-033 SC Electronic Recording of Domestic Violence Injunction Hearings 12/26/02
FM 2015-034 SC Assignment Order for Shelter Hearings 3/4/15
FM 2019-035 SC Appointment of Hague Convention Judge 4/29/19
FM 2007-036 VL West Volusia Unified Family Court 5/7/07
FM 2021-037 SC Judicial Waivers of Parental Notice and Consent or Consent Only to Termination of Pregnancy 3/19/21
FM 2006-038 SC Direct Child Support/Alimony Payments 3/30/06
FM 2006-039 SC Support Installment Payments 3/30/06
FM 2018-040 SC Standing Family Law Court Order 6/7/18
FM 2019-041 (A) SC Timesharing Schedules/Guidelines - Flagler, Putnam, Volusia counties 9/30/19
FM 2019-041 (B) SC Timesharing Schedules/Guidelines - St. Johns County 9/30/19
FM 2007-042 SC Withdrawal of Trial Counsel in Dependency Termination of Parental Rights and Children/Families in Need of Services Proceedings 4/17/07
FM 2010-043 SC Notices to Appear Issued by Arresting Officers in Juvenile Cases 3/26/10
FM 2008-044 VL Establishment of Child Support in Juvenile Dependency Cases 12/3/08
FM 2009-045 SC Affidavit of Continuing Child Support 5/22/09
FM 2015-046 SC Parenting Coordinators 2/16/15
FM 2018-047 SC Collaborative Law Process 9/7/18
FM 2015-048 SC Division Assignment of Sexting Cases 8/20/15
FM 2010-049 SC Assignment of Traffic Cases Involving Juveniles 9/20/10