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Benchmark Calendaring System
Flagler County Benchmark
St. Johns County Benchmark

Judges' Pages
Circuit Judge Howard M. Maltz
Circuit Judge Michael S. Orfinger

NOTE: Attorney scheduling for Division 55 (Judge Maltz) will be moving to the Benchmark system in June 2015.
Please see Judge Maltz's page for more information.

Judicial Automated Calendaring System
Judicial Assistant Applications
Attorneys Applications (view free times - scheduling - if allowed)
General Public and Attorneys (searching and viewing of a Docket - if allowed)
General Public and Attorneys (searching and viewing of available time slots - if allowed)

Judges' Pages
Circuit Judge John M. Alexander
St. Johns County Court Judge Alexander R. Christine
Circuit Judge Dennis Craig
Circuit Judge Scott C. DuPont
Circuit Judge Howard O. McGillin, Jr.
Circuit Judge William A. Parsons
Circuit Judge C. McFerrin Smith, III
St. Johns County Court Judge Charles J. Tinlin
Circuit Judge J. Michael Traynor
Circuit Judge Sandra C. Upchurch
Circuit Judge Raul A. Zambrano