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Probate / Guardianship Orders


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PB Order SC Subject Date
PB 2000-001 SC Codification of Administrative Orders in the Probate/Guardianship/Mental Health Division 10/04/00
PB 2000-002 SC Assignment of Companion Cases in Guardianship Matters 10/04/00
PB 2005-003 SC Initial Guardianship Plan Physician's Report 10/04/00
PB 2000-005 SC Recording Death Certificates 10/04/00
PB 2019-006 SC Guardianship Education Requirements 2/25/19
PB 2016-007 SC Professional Guardianship Education 9/30/16
PB 2016-008 SC Guardianship Blanket Bonds 9/30/16
PB 2000-009 SC Professional Guardian Credit Reports 10/04/00
PB 2017-010 SC Guardian Advocate Training - Baker Act / Marchman Act 8/29/17
PB 2011-011 SC Sealing Confidential Portions of Court Files in Baker Act Proceedings 9/19/11
PB 2000-012 SC Appointment of Public Defender in Baker Act Proceedings 10/04/00
PB 2000-013 SC Cross Assignment/Baker Acts 10/04/00
PB 2000-014 VL Probate Files 10/04/00
PB 2011-017 VL Electronic Recording of Baker Act, Marchman Act and Adult Protective Services Act Hearings 9/19/11
PB 2021-018 SC Guardianship Examining Committees 2/12/21
PB 2004-019 (A) SC Motions to Compel Discovery in Probate Actions 3/29/04
PB 2016-020 SC Rates of Compensation for Examining Committee in Indigent Cases 5/20/16
PB 2007-021 SC Incapacity Petitioner Serving as Guardian 8/6/07
PB 2009-022 SC Adversary Case Style on Probate Pleadings 5/22/09